Finally February!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

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I.  Am.  So.  Happy.
I really hope the month of February blows by FAST.  Come on March!
Now that the time is getting closer and closer... my wedding is ALL that I think about.  We've got all of our vendors on board, ready to go.  Now we're just waiting.  Waiting. Waiting. WAITING. I wish it would just get here already.  :)  
Steve's Bachelor party/getaway is February 5-8.  Him and the boys are all traveling to Snowshoe.  I really hope they all come back in one piece!  

Click above to go to our wedding website if you're interested!

None of the Bridal events are happening until March.  But that's ok.. keeps everything fresh for me.  I'm pretty sure it'll be the best time of my life (besides when I had Briana of course!)  
I just keep having to tell myself that if something doesn't work out the way I want, everything will be just fine.  Nothing is stopping us from getting married that's for sure!

Other than obsessing over my wedding, Steve and I will be starting a hardcore weight loss plan starting next week through the month of March.  Wish us luck!


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