To My Non Potty-Trained Child...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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Dear Briana,

You will be turning into a big three year old this upcoming July.  You are my heart and joy!  My life.  My everything!  But we need to have a serious talk about your lack of potty training.  When you turned 2 you went poppie all by your self.  Then it's like you never wanted to try again for MONTHS!  You've gone to the bathroom maybe once or twice more since then.  I may have partaken in a couple of parenting failures of training... but you haven't been little Ms. Perfect either!

You understand the concept of this whole potty training ordeal.  I mean come on! You are always following me into the bathroom saying, "Mommy pee pee on the potty!"  (Which by the way, that is supposed to be my private time... you'll understand when you're older I suppose.)  You even go with me to the bathroom and sit on your potty.  You also understand that your Pull-Ups are your *Big Girl Princess Pants.*

Why must you refuse to do it and confuse Mommy?  Are you trying to show that you have control?  You obviously don't know the power of control that Mommy & Daddy will have on your future.  You must be confused because I know you're not being mean and spiteful!  Or are you? Uh.  It's more like I'm being trained than you.  I think this whole potty training is crap!

Briana PLEASE!  I bought you Dora underware.  If and when my patience leaves me, I'm thinking of just putting you in them and letting you pee or poop yourself.  Is that mean?  Will you listen to me if I tell you that you cannot pee pee or poopie in your undies?  I think I will go ahead and do just that.

Sweetie pie, mommy loves you so so much!  Please be an angel and start using the potty!  It's time to stop rebelling on your parents and move forward.

PLEASE change your ways for me.
Love you forever,



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