Happy Birthday Mommy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Today is my Mom's Birthday!

Mommy and Me

My mom is quite the amazing woman.  Strong and smart... loving and a hard worker.  

Out of all the bad and fu**ed up things I've done through out the years, she's stuck with me through it all... though I do know there were probably times where she thought enough is enough.  I should have been disowned!  She has shown me that I can't give up on my family ever and I love her for that.

My mom is also a pretty cool grandma.  Nana knows how to spoil her grand kids!  I will make sure to give her more in the future :)

Nana and her Grandbabies

If you read this mom (I will force you if I have to:)  Happy Birthday! We all love you so much.  I hope your day has been fabulous.  Thank you for always being there when I need it.  I can't wait to make you proud... next month! :)


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