Six Months Smoke Free!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Quit Date: April 8th, 2012 (I'm a couple days overdue)

Reason:  I promised myself to quit when Steve and I got married.  I was tired of hiding and sneaking around just to get a smoke.  I was tired of going home after work and not being able to kiss my husband because I smelled like cigarettes.  
I wanted to quit before we got pregnant again as well.  I'm way ahead now.
I didn't quit on the exact date we got married... I waited until about a week later.

Help To Quit:  I tried the electronic cigarette on the very first day but it was so useless to me.  I did try medicine over a year ago but I wasn't mentally ready to stop so it obviously didn't work.

Dreams:  It's been a bit since the last time I saw myself smoking in a dream.

Cravings: Nothing!!  I was even talking to a friend that was smoking around me the other day and didn't feel any sort of jealousy craving.

Mood:  I've been able to control how I feel on the inside.  The snapping or lashing out has stopped for the most part.

You can read about the beginning stages of me quitting here:

Once you hit the hump over the first couple weeks... you're not going to want to go through the pain of ever trying to quit again.
It's not fucking easy that's for sure! (Excuse my foul language.)

What am I doing to celebrate?
My hubs is going to take me out next week for a nice dinner at Coastal Flats (or Texas de Brazil if I can push it!)

Thanks so much to all of you that have taken me as I am and have backed me up through this great change in my life.  I appreciate you :)


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Brigid said...

Good for you, girl! That's so awesome. I've never smoked, but I can imagine how hard it would be to give up a habbit like that. Enjoy your celebratory dinner = )

Amy Perdew said...

Congratulations....such a fantastic triumph. Joined your GFC via Mingle..hope you will hop on over to and follow me back. Have a great day and I wish you a luck and strength on not smoking.

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