The Backwards Bride Turns ONE: My First Blogoversary!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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A year ago today, I started blogging.
A year ago today I thought, "well hell... here goes nothin'."

It's been a fun journey so far.
I by no means classify myself as a writer, my vocabulary is very limited... I'm not the brightest person.  Thank God I have family and friends that take care of that for me.
I remember how overwhelming it was to start up my blog.  It took me awhile to find a name... I started on Wordpress but then realized that Blogger was for me.  Much easier for me to learn about codes and such.
I wish I had started one sooner!

I started this blog because I wanted to share my upcoming wedding that was in March of this year.
I wanted to blog about mommy life.
I wanted a hobby and have met some pretty amazing people in the process.

Honestly, I thought it wouldn't last long (just like other things I've attempted in life.)  But I've already made it through a year and I'm so pumped what this next year will bring.


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LOVE you all!


So Awesome!  
Thank you, thank you :)

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My goals to complete before the next Blogoversary:
- Makeover this baby.
- Go to a conference or at least sign up for a future one.
-Manage my time better between blog working and my real life.
-Find more time to network and catch up with my followers that way maybe I can gain new ones as well.

CHEERS to those that have followed me throughout my first year.
I thank you immensely!
Thank you to the bloggers out there that hold Blog Hops every week.  For if it weren't for you, I might have given up already.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments, compliments and support.


TorontoRunner said...

Happy One year of blogging!! I'm in my first month and have loved it so far!

And, you made such a beautiful bride on your big day!

A Girl In Beta said...

Happy anniversary!

Also, I see you already have a Liebster award... but I gave it to you again.

I'm not particularly observant, but you rock in spite of that. :)

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