Wordless(ish) Wednesday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Wednesday's and Friday's are days that B is now going to school.
So you think I would have more time for blogging...
... or catching up with my new followers.
... or finding new blogs to follow!

I've been running since 8:45 this morning yo! (Yes, I just said yo... I must be stupid tired.)
But the Hubs and I were getting stuff done today.  Getting shit done.  Being productive and such.

I really missed my little booger today.

Us: Relaxing and having a fun dinner at P.F Chang's.
The food was.. ok.  I think I just had too high expectations of the place.
BUT, they gave us a free dinner to take home and a *FREE* appetizer card so now we have to go back.

OH.  And since I put taking care of myself on the back burner today and not eating anything at all until 5:30PM... I'm going downstairs now to eat some Raspberry Cheesecake.
Night All!


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