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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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She looks so fricken' happy :)

We were picking up a moon bounce from a customers house and the customer had these furry white bunnies.  They kept Briana entertained the whole time!  Once we were done and we loaded her back into the truck, she cries, whines and wimpers for a good fifteen minutes.  "Bunnies.  I need a bunny!"  "I NEED a bunny mommy daddy."
Then Steve comes out with, "We'll have to ask Santa to give you a bunny for Christmas."
Oh, no.  Another learning lesson:  don't say things like that, because they'll believe you!
Looks like we need to get her a pet ASAP.


Ashlea with an a said...

oh so cute! looks like she does NEED one!

Erin said...

Haha she does look SO happy to be with those bunnies. Is Santa going to get the memo?! ;)

TorontoRunner said...

omgsh. Smiling kids make me SO happy. Cute!

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