February Fitness Goals

Saturday, February 2, 2013

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January is over... WAHOO!
I came up with a couple goals/challenges that I will be partaking in for the month of February.  Nothing too crazy, just a couple of things I want to make myself accountable for:

1} Re-start the 100 day Burpee challenge!
Ex:  Day 1- 1 Burpee
Day 2- 2 Burpees... and so on. 
My excuse for quitting before was because of the Holiday season.  I suck.  womp womp.

2}  OWN the Fab Ab February Challenge:

Who's with me?  I know it doesn't look like a lot.  But if you miss a lot of days you could fall off track.  Keep at it!

3} Run MORE.

4} Do more at home workouts in between my normal work out routine.

Yep, that's it really.  Happy Love month everybody!


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