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Monday, January 7, 2013

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Since the New Year has started, I've exercised four days.
Not too bad I guess.
I ate healthy all the way until Sunday.  My excuses: Lazy sick day.  Just not a care!

BUT I'm going to do more starting today, Monday.
I have another week and a half until I go back to work, no excuses!

The Breakdown:
Monday-Thursday =
*Go to our gym in the mornings
(Light cardio with burpees, etc.)
*Boot camp at night
Friday =
Take the day off so we can go to the Children's Museum!
Saturday =
Morning Boot camp
Sunday =

(Next week: Repeat Monday-Thursday and then back to work Friday.  BOO!)  :(

Must kick myself in the ass and stick to the plan!
Does anyone else have an exercise routine that they're starting up or have been doing for awhile?
Please do share.


The Students Wife said...

Sundays always get me. I can never seem to eat healthy on a sunday!

Anonymous said...

Ive been exercise for a year as well
But I dont feel I'm stuck to it maybe because I love it
So I already consider it as a hobby

Sometimes the place do help too
I used to gym in a small gym I got lazy
but then I move and joined a bigger one, an exclusive one with complete facilities and privacy and I got comfortable :)

If you dont like weight lifting or cardio you can consider learn to dance or body pump as exercise. whats greater more than burn some fat by doing something you like? :)


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