Skinnygirl White Wine Review

Friday, January 18, 2013

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Crisp and balanced, our Skinnygirl™ California White Blend is sure to please. With its rich notes of honey, orange peel, and tropical fruits, this California beauty strikes the perfect balance between fruity and floral – and is a low-calorie wine to boot. And, with the classic Skinnygirl® Cocktails screw top, you can easily close and store in the fridge for later in the week.
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OH, Skinnygirl.  
As most women know this company became super popular with the Skinnygirl Margarita.  It's actually not bad, I tasted it once.  I'm not a huge margarita fan unless I go to Guapo's or if it's Summer time-  and it needs to have Grand Marnier in it (try it if you haven't YUM.)  

I've been a bartender for seven years and I know a little bit more than basic knowledge of wine.  I know what wines to pair with what foods.  I know the order of wines from lightest to heaviest and the areas of the world that are most popular to buy from.  Of course everyone knows they don't have to stick to those rules.  You  just find what you like best.  Everyone's different.  In the last couple of years, I've really started to enjoy a different variety of wines.

I really don't think Skinnygirl should have come out with a line of wines (sorry Bethenny Frankel!)  Yes, I know it sounds fabulous that it's only 100 calories per 5oz glass.  That's honestly what drew me in, I figured why the hell not try it? = FAIL!  The taste is *Ehh* and I tasted vinegar.  Of course after the second glass it didn't matter but it's only a one time buy for me.  
Priced at $13.99 is also very wrong... I know of  wines that taste much better for $10 bucks and under.  A nice Chardonnay that I like is wonderfully priced at $2.99 and it was served at my wedding last year: Pacific Peak- GO get it from Total Wine!  
Another thing came to mind:  The calorie count between Skinnygirl and others aren't much of a difference.  So I will continue to try new wines without guilt


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