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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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I am so waiting for January to be over.  Though I can't complain about Virginia weather this week... 60's?  Really?!  Since I know we're not getting a big snow, I'd rather it stay like this until Spring.  It's perfect weather to take the babe outside and it's perfect for me to go work out in.

I feel there's a lot I'm looking forward to in February:

I have a new boss starting on the 5th.  He sounds like he could be a tough cookie but I'm all for it!  I hope he makes changes.  I hope he brings in more staff for me to train.  I'm so tired of being short-staffed all the time and having to do so many jobs at once.  And for the most part:  I hope he likes me.  We shouldn't have an issue, I get along with everyone that's in management.  

My mom's birthday!

For Valentine's Day to be over.  I always have to work that night.

The birth of my new niece Tatyana.  I'm so excited for her arrival.  Her parent's  (along with the rest of the family) are going to spoil her to death :)

Our tax check comes in which means = we get to book our CRUISE!
March will be our 1 year anniversary/Honeymoon.

The Hub's is turning 30!  We've got a couple things in planning for him already.
I love parties, don't you?


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