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Friday, January 11, 2013

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ME! ((flaps arms in the air))
And don't give me that crap of, "Oh, every mother feels that way ..."

I KNOW.  I've heard it all and still convinced that I'm not being the best Mommy I can be.

Just recently I've been thinking that the older my daughter gets, the harder it is to parent her.
Miss Princess is three and a half... she's potty trained, pretty great at being mobile (though she is a little klutzy like her Momma) and communicates very well with us.  Sounds so much easier than a new born right?
I feel like all I hear is whining and crying all day long.
When she's told to do something she acts like her life is over...

Oh, and when it's time to eat a meal?
"Mommy I need to go pee pee"
"But I'm thirsty first"
**Whine whine whine**
Then I have to breakdown with:
"Do you want candy?  THEN EAT YOUR FOOOOD"
"Only five more bites and you can go play with your Leap Pad."
Bath time is now something I despise.  For some reason she thinks water will hurt her while I'm washing her hair and it's a screaming match to see how loud she can get.

Since Monday I've been losing my shit.  I've been doubting myself because I know babies/kids go through phases but I've never been through it THIS bad!
The sad thing is... I yell at her way too much.  I don't like it.  I love her to death though.  When we have a good day, it's really good and I know she loves me.
I just wish I could be more calm.
If I had new ways of approaching situations there would be less butt spankings and not so much yelling.  :(

Just to clear things up:  B listens to her daddy more and is a perfect angel around other people.

Thoughts anyone... PLEASE?!


Dani @ Inspire. Motivate. Love. said...

I wish I could offer up some advice, but we are going through the EXACT same thing. It really is only with me thought that he acts this way...but every tiny thing, all day long, is a battle. You have 1 up on us though, because she is potty trained and mine refuses. Soooo frustrating, but know that you are not alone!

Martina said...

FINALLY someone feels what I've been feeling. Honestly, I feel like I wrote this post myself. Sometimes I read other blogs and I'm like is it just me or is everyone the perfect mommy around here with no problems? lol... However, the only advice I can give is that sometimes just sometimes we are our biggest critic and we are doing just fine as a parent but we are beating ourselves up. However, that's all I have right now b/c we're pretty much in the same boat. I hate having to "bribe" my kids to listen to me and sometimes I am just way to sensitive so maybe they can tell. I don't know! However, Great post! I love my babies SO much and I have had a lot of good days recently but when its bad, its bad. Lol... Oh and I'm desperately working on not yelling so much and that alone is a struggle especially when it seems like that's the only way I can get someone to listen to me around here! I pray that things get better for the both of us:)

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