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Friday, January 11, 2013

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Man, I am jealous.  Why couldn't they have Build-A-Bear around when I was growing up?!
Last week, we took Briana for the first time.  She has a stuffed animal from there already but it was given to her as a gift from one of her Aunty's.  Not the same!  The experience for her (and me!) was so much fun.  
Briana is three and a half now and it's the perfect time for her because I know she wont tear it apart.

I know a lot of mom's have been through this but for those that have little babies or no babies yet that haven't experienced, I'll lead you through the steps.
The first step is picking out their favorite stuffed animal from the collection that they have on display...

The next step is choosing a sound to go inside (we decided not to.)  Afterwards it's time to make way towards the machine with all the stuffing.  The employee that is helping out will ask your little one if you'd like to have the bear *Soft & Cuddly* or *Hard & Firm.*  Of course my little lady wants it cuddly.  The cool thing about it is that your child can even help stuff the bear by tapping on a pedal with their foot until their babe is fully stuffed.

Once the bear was stuffed, B walked over to the heart box and picked out a heart for her new friend.  She was then asked to rub the heart on certain places of her body so that her bear could possess some of the same qualities.. For example:  Rub it on your forehead for knowledge.
Then it's time for an air bath!  I love how involved your child can be in each step.

Then it's time to pick out an outfit and accessories to put them in in the changing room.  Of course we had to get a Repunzel dress and pink shoes.
Once they're done in the changing room they sit down in front of a computer to make their new BFF a Birth Certificate.  B insisted on naming her bear Rainbow for obvious reasons.

All done!  After you're all paid up, your bear gets taken out in their new home.

Briana hasn't let her go since that day.  She sleeps with her every night and takes her everywhere... including to school.  ☺


Chrishelle Ebner said...

Following from the blog hop. Cute little one. I remember build a bear with my two. Now they are teens, (sigh) enjoy the build a bear years:)

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