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Friday, September 7, 2012

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life rearranged

Happy Friday!!

Lucky me, tonight I have the night off from work because I'm doing the early shift today.
(This never happens and I wish it would be this way every Friday!)
Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

I didn't have time to post my Instagramin' life the week before so I'm combining.

The Hubs and I had a night out two weeks ago with friends at Tim's Rivershore (2).

My sister and I :)

A beer that everyone should try....

My babe at her Three Year check up. 
Thank GOD for Doc McStuffins!

Eating healthy has been a struggle lately, but I'm trying.

The Chunky Monkey smoothie I found off of Pinterest.
1 medium banana
1 cup 1% Chocolate milk
1 tablespoon peanut butter

Briana frick'n loved it did I

She sure wishes Winter would get here so soon?

Our moon bounce storage was quite messy and needed some sort of organization.

Killer rum punch we served at one of the club functions which was also served at my wedding reception.

My friends birthday dinner at Hooters.  Yes, Hooters.

Thanks to seeing girls walking around looking like toothpicks with everything hanging out... I am back on my strict diet.
THANKS!  For the motivation asses.


dotty said...

your kiddo is ADORABLE!

p.s. i just found your blog through the wonderful wednesday weekly link party and i'm your blog's newest follower!

dash dot dotty

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