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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

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A day late!
I wasn't home much yesterday but really wanted to come up with my list on 10 things wedding that Stasha created... so here goes.

Ten Things About My Wedding

1. It was my first special occasion where I treated myself and got my make up sprayed on.  I felt

2. My daughter walked all the way down the aisle like a perfect angel and if you turned around... you would have seen me fist pumping before my grand entrance HAH!
(During the rehearsal she was a complete animal.)

3. I forgot my vows and asked our Pastor to "repeat the last part."

Of course, when I'm nervous I have to laugh about it!

4.  The bad thing about my perfect dress:  it ended up being too long for me and so I stepped on the under skirt numerous times before the ceremony, after the ceremony and during the reception :(

5. The limo ride to the reception = I laughed so much it hurt.

6. We jumped through hoops to get a Photo Booth for our reception... but it was worth it!
It's also the first time that the country club had ever had a photo booth at their venue.  Go us!

7. My Hubs got teary-eyed during our First Dance :)

8. Kurt ='s
-Limo Driver
YAY for connections!

9. My photographer was fabulous and also, a close family friend.
I wished we had gotten more pictures taken outside on the golf course but...
I was so hungry and really wanted to eat the food I picked out.

10. We had about 90 people to celebrate our day with us.
It was the perfect amount and still wished I could have talked to people for a longer period of time.


Kimberly Speranza said...

looks like you have the best laugh ever! :)

Stephy Marie said...

Haha! Why thank you :)
I'm a little embarrassed sometimes... I can be a little loud.

Stacie @ Snaps and Bits said...

Sounds awesome, and sometimes you just have to laugh ;)

Stasha said...

You were stunning, but I knew you would be :) I set up photo booths at the weddings this summer and they are a riot to edit photos from. People are fun when you let them be in charge :)
So glad your wedding turned out to be what you dreamed and planned for.

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