Paleo Diet and an ER Visit

Sunday, September 30, 2012

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Last week Steve and I tried out the Paleo diet.
No dairy, grains, bread, starch, soda, etc.
Honestly, it kinda sucked for me... A LOT.
I don't see myself sticking to it and plan to go back to my normal *eating healthy* ways.

Anywho, one night we made Paleo Banana Bread.
Some of the ingredients include almond flour and walnuts.  It was actually pretty fricken' amazing!  My daughter was eating it up too.  All of a sudden Briana starts telling us that her tongue hurts and she was breaking out on her face and neck.  "Mommy, daddy my tongue hurts.  I need to go to the doctor."


As soon as she said that Steve and I agreed that it had to be the nuts.
I couldn't believe it because I've given her peanut butter a few times already and didn't even think about the tree nuts.

We gave her Benadryl and took her to the emergency room.  By the time we got there she was fine but needed to get checked out already just in case.
Briana was SO pumped to about going to the doctor's.

In her finest Dora costume and sandals with heels.

Everything ended up being just fine.  The doctor didn't want to give her any other meds since the Benadryl seemed to have done the job.

We went to her pediatrician for a follow up a couple days ago and she prescribed the Epipen that we'll probably never have to use.  It's only a just in case thing.  We're also going to see an allergist to see exactly what she's allergic to.

It was quite the scare!
But thanks to Doc McStuffins, she's been loving the doctor's office.  It's better than the screaming she used to do :)


Leslie @ Violet Imperfection said...

Oh my goodness! Glad everything g is alright. I love her outfit, too cute.

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