Wordless(ish) Wednesday: Briana's First Day of School!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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My poor little blog.
I've neglected her for a whole week :(
I suppose I've been busier than usual...
I haven't even gone to my boot camp class so I know it's an "Off" week.

Look at this big beautiful three year old!
Today was my daughter's first day of preschool at 

For the last couple months Briana has been begging us, "Mommy, Daddy I wanna go to school!!"
I've been feeling so bad because schools are just so damn expensive and we're also trying to save money to buy a house next year.

Briana will be going twice a week... two FULL days.
We'll be giving the preschool a moon bounce to use for their "Moon bounce Monday."
What an awesome trade.  The school wins and we win!

This morning was so easy when we dropped her off.  She was in Heaven when she saw all the kids and toys.
Supposedly she didn't nap when it was *nap time* but she still behaved and laid down.
This kid was POOPED and cranky as hell when we got home.
Looks like we need to get her on a new sleep schedule!

Yes... I get Me time too but I'm more excited for her getting around more kids and learning rather than sitting at home watching cartoons all day.

I told myself I'd be productive while she was gone...
BUT I took the longest nap ever, went on a lunch and Costco date with the Hubs instead.
AHH well, maybe next week :)


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