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Friday, September 28, 2012

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VA Runner

Last week I was in a desperate need for new shoes for running and boot camp.
(Don't worry... I will not show you the ugly foot picture again.  Your welcome!)
I have been hearing great reviews about VA Runner and =PR= Potomac River Running.
VA Runner is closer to my house so I chose to go there.

What a GREAT experience I had!  The staff is very well trained... They know what they're doing, they're not judgemental (I don't look like a super fit runner) and personable.
Weird thing happened.  When we were measuring for my size, I found out that one foot is almost a size bigger than the other foot.  What the hell?! I didn't know that was possible.  I knew my feet grew after I had a baby but DAYUM!
Anywho, the professional at the store didn't look phased by it so I'm assuming it happens?

The prices of the shoes are pretty reasonable.  I was also happy about how I wasn't pressured into buying other things that I don't need and will never use.

My beauties.

While we were there, the Hubs bought a foam roller.

Oh. Jeebus.

This thing is unbelievable. 
After a work out last week, my back was crazy sore.
Using this for only a few minutes I felt NO pain the next day.  I'm in love with it!

If you're looking for a new pair of shoes and want them to last for awhile, check these guys out!


Jessa Olson said...

I have those exact shoes and I LOVE THEM!!! Plus who wouldn't love bright pink shoes. One of your newest followers.


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